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#1 Automated Forex Robot optimized for results. 🚀

No Signals, no courses. 100% Automated trades. Over 1000+ Satisfied clients.

Secure Payments. One time purchase.
Lifetime licence.

#1 Expert Advisor

Over 3 years in development. 50-70% ROI Monthly with low risk. 📊

Last year, we launched AlgoTrader™ Beta to the public resulting in over 1000+ clients to triple in their initial investment within the two weeks. The outcome was more than we expected. This year we aim to beat that. Our refined and tuned system is what we believe to be most efficient Autotrader on the market currently which uses a combination of custom indicators, trend continuation, & Support & Resistance levels (Price Action) on all currencies including the main ones.

24/7 Trades, 90% Success rate. Designed for real results.

"I went from a £2K wage to £7.5k monthly and its growing everyday" - Algo Client

The ultimate plug-and-play trading algorithm, designed and built by traders for traders. Experience the ease and convenience of a user-friendly tool that can be utilized by anyone, no matter their experience level. The real deal for traders. With 19+ years of verified high-quality tick data and an impressive track record of over 90% success rate in over 10k+ live trades, ALGO is the dependable and proven solution for traders who demand the best.

AlgoTrader is the real deal, delivering results that you can trust for your trading success.

Skyrocket your account with extremely accurate entry & exit positions.🎯

The future of trading made simple. Supercharged by AI, experience an automated solution that will enhance your earnings and pave the way to prosperity. The future of trading is here and AlgoTrader™ is leading the way.

AI Powered

100% Automatic trading based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning trading strategies.


Prop Firm Compatible

Our trader is designed with FTMO challenges in mind, join hundreds of clients who have passed funding.

Risk Mangement

ALGO™ uses excellent risk management meaning drawback will remain low protecting your account with lot sizes that can be modified at any time.

Currency Compatability

ALGO™ is compatible on all major and minor currencies & all timeframes.

Lot Multiplier

Yield more profit with the built-in lot multiplier

Easy to Install

Our ALGO™ packages include full installation guides along with best settings to use to supercharge your trading.

Still have a question? Get in touch with our team.

Simple Pricing. Easy Setup. 💶

Select a package to get started with AlgoTrader™ today, you can be fully set up the same day. Once installed, the trader will run continuously during market hours without you even placing a trade.


£0 / Trial Period

Request a demo to get an idea on how the AlgoTrader™ works and how effective it is. Waiting time 1-2 days.

  • AlgoTrader™ V2.3 EA DEMO
  • Accurate Entry & Exit Positions
  • Extremely low drawdown
  • - FTMO Compatible
  • Risk Management
  • Works on all Major & Minor currencies
  • - Lifetime Support
  • - PDF Setup Guide


£800 / ̶ ̶£̶1̶7̶0̶0̶

Empower your trading journey with our revolutionary Forex robot, your key to unlocking consistent profits in the dynamic world of currency trading. Our cutting-edge algorithm is meticulously crafted to analyze market trends, identify lucrative opportunities, and execute trades with precision. Full licenced software download, no subscription.

  • AlgoTrader™ V2.3 EA File Full
  • Accurate Entry & Exit Positions
  • Extremely low drawdown
  • FTMO Compatible
  • Risk Management
  • Works on all Major & Minor currencies
  • Optimized Preset files for best results
  • PDF Setup Guide
  • Lifetime Support

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Live Daily results, Client feedback, Updates & Early Discount Access. Join now.

The ALGO™ support team is assist you with any inquires you may have. Get in touch today.

The results speak for themselves, with an extremely high success rate, the Expert Advisor has been backtested for over 2 years and uses excellent risk management meaning drawback will remain low. ALGO™ robot adapts to any market condition including news event trading & trading 9+ currencies simultaneously.

The average number of trades depends on the market conditions, since the system relies on volatility and momentum. The number of trades that open change on a day to day basis.

That is entirely up to you, of course the higher the deposit the higher profit/lot size however an account with a lower balance can yield a significantly large return over a longer period of time.

Yes, but we highly recommend using a VPS service to ensure the trader is running continuously 24/5 (market hours).